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>>Online Learning: Crossing the 'Digital Divide'January 2022  
>>Time to Celebrate a Healthy Weight LossJanuary 2022  
>>The Wisdom of GeeseJanuary 2022  
>>Deceptive Food Packaging Claims and the LawJanuary 2022  
>>Scammers are Always "Phishing"January 2022  
>>Review of "The Only Good Indians"January 2022  
>>How to Bathe a CatJanuary 2022  
>>Ring in the New Year with 'Marx Brothers Council P...January 2022  
>>Hearty, Wholesome Winter MealsJanuary 2022  
>>Mother Nature Meets Crass Commercialism in the Florida December 2021  
>>Preserving History at the Northwest Louisiana ArchivesDecember 2021  
>>Playing With FEARDecember 2021  
>>The Case of the Deathbed GiftsDecember 2021  
>>Helpful Tips for Managing the Loss of TasteDecember 2021  
>>The Holidays are a Time to Gather TogetherDecember 2021  
>>Claude Jarman Jr. Recalls a Family Classic: "The Y...December 2021  
>>Memories of Christmas Toys PastDecember 2021  
>>Key West: Fanciful Funk and Frivolity Wrapped Up in Flo...November 2021  
>>America's Hidden Military HeroesNovember 2021  
>>Quick, Nutritious Recipes to Make Family Meals EasyNovember 2021  
>>The Migraine and Cheese ConnectionNovember 2021  
>>Does Everyone Have a Right to Get a Drivers License?November 2021  
>>Sweet Potatoes are a Nutrition PowerhouseNovember 2021  
>>Criminal Trespass and Remaining After Being ForbiddenNovember 2021  
>>Advice from Susan SullivanNovember 2021  
>>What if the Turkey Had Been Our National Symbol?November 2021  
>>Medical Care Shouldn't Be a PrivilegeOctober 2021  
>>Find the Hidden Gems at a Gateway to Yosemite National October 2021  
>>Mules Play Key Role in Northwest Louisiana HistoryOctober 2021  
>>Pumpkin: Fall's Favorite Nutritious FlavorOctober 2021  
>>Is Vaping About to Become Illegal?October 2021  
>>Understanding Special Needs TrustsOctober 2021  
>>Mumy and Cartwright Launch New 'Lost in Space...October 2021  
>>Celebrating Food History in OctoberOctober 2021  
>>The View Behind the Scenes During Shreveport Little The...September 2021  
>>Use Dietary Supplements Wisely and CorrectlySeptember 2021  
>>I Want My Money Back!September 2021  
>>5 Impressive Natural Remedies for Chronic ConstipationSeptember 2021  
>>Claudia Wells Went Back to the FutureSeptember 2021  
>>Beware of Dating Health ProfessionalsSeptember 2021  
>>Deliver Flavor and Nutrition Despite Busy SchedulesSeptember 2021  
>>True Love Waits (at the Shelter!) August 2021  
>>Facts About Alzheimer's DiseaseAugust 2021  
>>Yosemite National Park: Scenic Sights Assault the SenseAugust 2021  
>>Protect Your Health with a Heart-Smart Eating PlanAugust 2021  
>>What's the Legal Term for Liar?August 2021  
>>Causes of Muscle TwitchingAugust 2021  
>>Criminal Trial Courtroom BasicsAugust 2021  
>>Water-Rich Foods That Will Help You Stay HydratedAugust 2021  
>>Who Should I Contact With Medicare IssuesAugust 2021  
>>A Tale of Two Maldens - Carla and KarlAugust 2021  
>>August 2021  
>>Is It Really Love? Or Are You Being Catfished? July 2021  
>>Betty Virginia Park: Shreveport's Playground for 1...July 2021  
>>Grandparents are HelpersJuly 2021  
>>Beans: Delicious, Versatile and Full of NutrientsJuly 2021  
>>I'm Not That Overweight!July 2021  
>>'Matilda' Turns 25July 2021  
>>Summer Snacks that Satisfy CravingsJuly 2021  
>>Stressed to the Max? Tips for Stress Reduction.June 2021  
>>Summer is Here. Are you Ready?June 2021  
>>4 Remarkable Medicinal Uses for Baking SodaJune 2021  
>>I Want My Truck Back!June 2021  
>>Eggs: Are They Good or Bad for Me?June 2021  
>>Turning 80, Hollywood Beauty Diane McBain Tackles a New...June 2021  
>>Take Salad Season to the Next LevelJune 2021  
>>We Can Almost Vacation! Get Ready With Virtual TourismMay 2021  
>>Protect Your Health with a Heart-Smart Eating PlanMay 2021  
>>Causes and Solutions for DysphagiaMay 2021  
>>How Organized are Your Important Papers?May 2021  
>>The Case of the Really Bad LandlordMay 2021  
>>The Benefits of Pressure CookingMay 2021  
>>Ruta Lee Put the 'Pro' in ProfessionalMay 2021  
>>Robocalls Are More Than Just Annoying - Here's How...April 2021  
>>Are You Competent Enough to File for Divorce?April 2021  
>>Eat Healthy With an Air FryerApril 2021  
>>Property Ownership in Other StatesApril 2021  
>>Drs. James Clinton Willis and Joseph Edward KnightonApril 2021  
>>Paul 'Crocodile Dundee' Hogan is Back - Sort April 2021  
>>Do You Want to Publish a Book? Here's How!March 2021  
>>Body, Don't Fail Me NowMarch 2021  
>>The Case of the Dead Man Who Went to CourtMarch 2021  
>>Get Your Greens OnMarch 2021  
>>What Does the LA Second Circuit Court of Appeal Do?March 2021  
>>Making Better Babies, Child Health Promoter Dr. Jake Bo...March 2021  
>>'TV Therapy' for Classic Television StarsMarch 2021  
>>Wholesome Dishes to Support Immune SystemsMarch 2021  
>>Parenting Our Parents: A Look Inside the Sandwich GenerFebruary 2021  
>>Retirement Brings With It Extra Time: Make the Best of February 2021  
>>D.D. Bazer: Town TamerFebruary 2021  
>>Eat Healthy This Valentine's DayFebruary 2021  
>>Will Higher Estate Taxes Return?February 2021  
>>But That's All I Have!February 2021  
>>Hank Garrett: 'Car 54' and BeyondFebruary 2021  
>>Power Family Meals with Protein-Packed PeanutsFebruary 2021  
>>When to Break Up With Your Physician and How to Find On...January 2021  
>>Mauthausen Concentration Camp: Because Turning Away is ...January 2021  
>>Mary Cane: Gambler's DaughterJanuary 2021  
>>Domestic Abuse Battery Affects All AgesJanuary 2021  
>>Men Have Special Nutritional Needs, TooJanuary 2021  
>>Organ Donations and Other Adventures at the DMVJanuary 2021  
>>Jacqueline Bisset's Sizzling CareerJanuary 2021  
>>New Year NutritionJanuary 2021  
>>Old Home RemediesDecember 2020  
>>Sleeping With HistoryDecember 2020  
>>Aloe Vera Has 10 Impressive UsesDecember 2020  
>>Women Have Special Nutritional NeedsDecember 2020  
>>Hot Lips and the Stolen MedicineDecember 2020  
>>Neil Sedaka Still Singing Through the PandemicDecember 2020  
>>Holiday Centerpieces to SavorDecember 2020  
>>Veterans History ProjectNovember 2020  
>>7 Ways to Build Your Confidence and Reduce Your AnxietyNovember 2020  
>>Will Youree: The Missing HeirNovember 2020  
>>Daughter Recalls Thanksgiving with Natalie WoodNovember 2020  
>>Cooking Oils and How to Use ThemNovember 2020  
>>You Want to Live Where?November 2020  
>>Driving Laws That Could Get You a Ticket November 2020  
>>Religion vs The LawOctober 2020  
>>The Value of GrandparentsOctober 2020  
>>Highland's Split Hoofprints CurtailedOctober 2020  
>>What Makes Us Laugh?October 2020  
>>6 Tips on How to Manage Your Daily Stresses and AnxietiOctober 2020  
>>Great Places to Experience the Glory of Fall FoliageOctober 2020  
>>Northwest Louisiana's Music HistorySeptember 2020  
>>You're Gonna Get on a WHAT?September 2020  
>>Quickdraw McGraw and Shifty PeteSeptember 2020  
>>Stay in Touch With Loved OnesSeptember 2020  
>>Prediabetes: Your Chance to Prevent Type 2 DiabetesSeptember 2020  
>>The 4 Best Natural AntihistaminesSeptember 2020  
>>Olivia de Havilland: The End of an EraSeptember 2020  
>>Q & A Chat: Meet Dr. Sanjay T. MenonAugust 2020  
>>5 Ways Seniors Can Safeguard Against Cyber Criminals St...August 2020  
>>The Doctor is In, on Your Nearest Screen, HopefullyAugust 2020  
>>St Martin/St. Maarten: A Captivating Concoction of Cari...August 2020  
>>Things Change During an EmergencyAugust 2020  
>>The Health Benefits of Eating SeafoodAugust 2020  
>>How Can I Appeal a Discharge from a Skilled Nursing Fac...August 2020  
>>Camomile Helps Arthritis, Blood Thinning and Mouth PainAugust 2020  
>>Practical Tips for Caregivers Facing a PandemicJuly 2020  
>>Adah Vinson DeLay: Shreveport's Forgotten HeroJuly 2020  
>>Q & A Chat: Meet Wilda SmithJuly 2020  
>>Myrtle Beach, South Carolina is Returning to the "...July 2020  
>>Sometimes, It is Like You See on TVJuly 2020  
>>Understanding Food Marketing TermsJuly 2020  
>>Learning to Relax is a Great IdeaJuly 2020  
>>Fran Drescher and "The Nanny" ReunionJuly 2020  
>>Tips to Help You Stretch Your Food DollarJune 2020  
>>Is Today's Stress Affecting Your Sleep and Dreams?June 2020  
>>Avoid Home Improvement FraudJune 2020  
>>Emotional Distress and the LawJune 2020  
>>Twistin' the Years AwayJune 2020  
>>Reduce Your Risk of Another Heart Attack or StrokeJune 2020  
>>Rest Assured: Area Assisted Living Residents Shelter Sa...June 2020  
>>Q & A Chat: Meet Martha MarakJune 2020  
>>Santa Fe, New Mexico: An Homage to the Art(s) of Being ...June 2020  
>>Grief Strikes Us AllMay 2020  
>>Sugar Substitutes for Your Sweet ToothMay 2020  
>>Oil Field CemeteryMay 2020  
>>Paul Petersen Remembers TV Mom, Donna ReedMay 2020  
>>7 Life-Changing Habits to Build During the PandemicMay 2020  
>>Art, Culture and Shopping are BIG in Taos, New MexicoMay 2020  
>>Cook Comfort Food Once, Enjoy It TwiceMay 2020  
>>Handling the Stress of the Current Health CrisisMay 2020  
>>Ghosts, War & Murder: Mansfield Female College'...April 2020  
>>Medicare Coverage and Coronavirus 2019April 2020  
>>5 Tips to Help Seniors Cope With Being QuarantinedApril 2020  
>>Stop ScamApril 2020  
>>They Canceled My Insurance!April 2020  
>>Considerations Before Entering Hospice CareApril 2020  
>>Iaccoca's Little SecretApril 2020  
>>Q&A Chat: Meet Reg CassibryApril 2020  
>>Branson, Missouri: Where They Do So Very Many Things an...April 2020  
>>Tips to Cope with the COVID-19 PandemicApril 2020  
>>The Best Ways to Kill Coronavirus in Your HomeApril 2020  
>>Make Good Nutrition a Priority During the Covid PandemiApril 2020  
>>Q & A: Meet Neva JonesMarch 2020  
>>Tell Your Life Story. Transform Your Life.March 2020  
>>Rhodes: A Complete Greek ExperienceMarch 2020  
>>What is a Transition Refill?March 2020  
>>Put Nature to Work Fighting StressMarch 2020  
>>Less Than an Open BookMarch 2020  
>>4 Easy Tips to Help You Curb Food CravingsMarch 2020  
>>Review of "My Oxford Year" by Julia WhelanMarch 2020  
>>Pat Priest's Munster MemoriesMarch 2020  
>>Are You Living an Adventure-Starved Life?February 2020  
>>Q&Q: Meet Bonita HaysFebruary 2020  
>>What Happens in the Ship Stays on the ShipFebruary 2020  
>>Brain Fitness Can Help Fight Memory LossFebruary 2020  
>>How Should I Communicate With My Health Care ProvidersFebruary 2020  
>>Considerations for Negotiating Mineral LeasesFebruary 2020  
>>A Healthy Gut for a Healthy YouFebruary 2020  
>>Can the Jury See That?February 2020  
>>Review of "Followers" by Megan AngeloFebruary 2020  
>>It's Just a Game! (Or is it?)February 2020  
>>Cruising on the DanubeJanuary 2020  
>>Burglars, Robbers & Thieves, Oh My!January 2020  
>>Review of "This is Happiness" by Niall WilliaJanuary 2020  
>>Lil' Ole Winemaker, Donna MillsJanuary 2020  
>>Wills Must Follow FormJanuary 2020  
>>Opening Communications With An Aging ParentJanuary 2020  
>>To Nuke, or Not to Nuke?January 2020  
>>Health Myths That You Think Are TrueJanuary 2020  
>>Heavenly Peace: Carmel Community Faithfully Tends a Sac...December 2019  
>>Oregon: Varied Landscapes, Unique History, Beautiful Ar...December 2019  
>>Review of "The Starless Sea" by Erin MorgenstDecember 2019  
>>A Christmas MemoryDecember 2019  
>>Don't Let That Family Gathering Overwhelm YouDecember 2019  
>>Stay Healthy This WinterDecember 2019  
>>Lock Them Up!December 2019  
>>A Lassie Christmas with Jon ProvostDecember 2019  
>>More than Recreation: The YMCA in Early-American War ReNovember 2019  
>>Nevis Island: Alexander Hamilton's BirthplaceNovember 2019  
>>Talking Turkey: Thanksgiving Leftover Food SafetyNovember 2019  
>>Be Aware of New Rule for Spectators at Ball GamesNovember 2019  
>>Getting Your Stress Under ControlNovember 2019  
>>The Case of the Negligent Road BarrierNovember 2019  
>>Review of Life Undercover: Coming of Age in the CIANovember 2019  
>>Calling All Marshas: 102-year-old Marsha Hunt Wants to ...November 2019  
>>Weird Sisters: A Short History of WitchcraftOctober 2019  
>>Panama: A Country Rich in History, Diverse Wildlife, Be...October 2019  
>>Growing Up With 'Dracula' in Your BloodOctober 2019  
>>Which Type of Milk is Best for You?October 2019  
>>Caregiver Burnout is a Very Real ProblemOctober 2019  
>>The Case of the Home Security SystemOctober 2019  
>>New Unfair Trade Practices Law Benefits the Elderly/DisOctober 2019  
>>Review of "The Saturday Night Ghost Club"October 2019  
>>Where Can I Bring A Small Claim?September 2019  
>>When In Doubt, Throw It Out!September 2019  
>>Do You Really Listen To What Others Have To Say?September 2019  
>>Time for JusticeSeptember 2019  
>>Newhart Turns 90September 2019  
>>Seek Better Health In a Box Of CrayonsSeptember 2019  
>>Shreveport History: Yellow Fever Epidemic of 1873September 2019  
>>Quilt Barns: A Quaint And Colorful Tour Through Oregon ...September 2019  
>>Book Review of "Illuminae"September 2019  
>>Nutrition Labels: A Snapshot of the Nutritional Value o...August 2019  
>>Hit in the Head by a CabbageAugust 2019  
>>Exploitation of the Elderly is IncreasingAugust 2019  
>>Recovering from a MistakeAugust 2019  
>>Animals: Helping Us Feel, Heal, and Find Our Best SelveAugust 2019  
>>Alabama's Gulf Coast: Come for the Beach, But Stay...August 2019  
>>Review of "The Last Book Party"August 2019  
>>An Ernie Kovacs CentennialAugust 2019  
>>Graduating College at 75July 2019  
>>Seniors and Retirees are Returning to College. Here...July 2019  
>>The Natural Splendor of Utah's National ParksJuly 2019  
>>Retiring? You Have a Choice to Make on MedicareJuly 2019  
>>Monkeys in Costumes July 2019  
>>Don't be Duped by Portion DistortionJuly 2019  
>>You Can Overcome Feelings of ShynessJuly 2019  
>>Surprise, Surprise...Eggs Reduce Risk of StrokeJuly 2019  
>>Review of "Magic of Liars"July 2019  
>>Terry Moore as Valentino's Lady in BlackJuly 2019  
>>Be Your Own ProducerJune 2019  
>>Walk Japan: Exploring the Head, the Heart and the Soul ...June 2019  
>>King Arthur: What's Truth? What's Legend?June 2019  
>>The Worst Person in LouisianaJune 2019  
>>It's Time to Review Your Homeowner's PolicyJune 2019  
>>Relaxing - A Skill We All Need to LearnJune 2019  
>>Shop Smart at the Farmers' MarketJune 2019  
>>Book REview of "The Unlikely Adventures of the She...June 2019  
>>Congratsamundo to Happy Days' Anson Williams for S...June 2019  
>>Woman's Department Club: 100 Years of Friendship, ...May 2019  
>>Exploring VeniceMay 2019  
>>Engage at Every AgeMay 2019  
>>Yes, You Can Age GracefullyMay 2019  
>>Credit Card Fraud is Getting WorseMay 2019  
>>Clever SueMay 2019  
>>Keeping An Eye OutMay 2019  
>>Celebrate SaladsMay 2019  
>>Review of "Save Me The Plums" by Ruth Reichl May 2019  
>>Don Collier: Still Living the Western LifeMay 2019  
>>Mya Puzzle PagesMay 2019  
>>Pickleball: A Great Sport with a Crazy NameApril 2019  
>>7 Reasons You Don’t Sleep Like a BabyApril 2019  
>>Recapture Treasured Memories from the Silver ScreenApril 2019  
>>The Devil Stole My JobApril 2019  
>>Substituting Ingredients for Good HealthApril 2019  
>>Do I Have to Honor a Subpoena?April 2019  
>>The Wild Wild WebApril 2019  
>>Recognizing Depression in SeniorsApril 2019  
>>Daisy Jones & the Six by Taylor Jenkins ReidApril 2019  
>>4 Tips for Writing Your Own ObituaryMarch 2019  
>>Hospice Care Enhances Quality of Remaining LifeMarch 2019  
>>Save on Funeral CostsMarch 2019  
>>Ways to Communicate More Effectively with an Aging PareMarch 2019  
>>Will vs. Living Will?March 2019  
>>Beneficial NutrientsMarch 2019  
>>Review of "Leading Men" by Christopher CastelMarch 2019  
>>Carl Reiner Says Keeping Busy Keeps You GoingMarch 2019  
>>Changing Lives One Library at a Time March 2019  
>>Michael Dante: From Actor to AuthorMarch 2019  
>>On the Hunt for William BennettFebruary 2019  
>>Jamaica: A Diversity of RichesFebruary 2019  
>>Give Your Heart Some TLCFebruary 2019  
>>Is Your TV Programming "Over the Top"?February 2019  
>>Review of "Bellewether" by Susanna KearsleyFebruary 2019  
>>A Tale of Two Ghost SingersFebruary 2019  
>>Who Knew Goats Could Be So Dangerous?February 2019  
>>Turn Off Your Cell Phones in CourtFebruary 2019  
>>Get Up and DanceJanuary 2019  
>>Myanmar: Whose People Shine as Bright as Their Gleaming...January 2019  
>>You're Parking Where?January 2019  
>>Individual Retirement AccountsJanuary 2019  
>>Slow Cooker Food SafetyJanuary 2019  
>>Laser or Ink Jet Printer?January 2019  
>>Overcoming Barriers to ChangeJanuary 2019  
>>Living with Rodney DangerfieldJanuary 2019  
>>Book review of "Circe" by Madeline MillerJanuary 2019  
>>Who Knew Goats Could Be So Dangerous?January 2019  
>>Turn Off Your Cell Phones in CourtJanuary 2019  
>>One Man’s Vision is Reshaping Our NeighborhoodsDecember 2018  
>>SCAMS: Protect Your Money, Your Resources and Your PridDecember 2018  
>>Queens is the King of Big Apple's DiversityDecember 2018  
>>Ditch Quick-Fix DietsDecember 2018  
>>Can Bad Handwriting Cause Legal Trouble?December 2018  
>>Drive Safer with Hands Free TechnologyDecember 2018  
>>Vehicle BurglariesDecember 2018  
>>Holiday Celebrating Without the GuiltDecember 2018  
>>Christmas with Margaret O'BrienDecember 2018  
>>Review of "A Ladder to the Sky" by John BoyneDecember 2018  
>>10 Tips to Keep You and Your Family Healthy this WinterNovember 2018  
>>A 'Happy Days' Thanksgiving with Mrs. C.November 2018  
>>I'm Not LeavingNovember 2018  
>>Surviving Thanksgiving with DiabetesNovember 2018  
>>Computers, Laptops & Tablets, Oh My!November 2018  
>>Abuse of Persons with Infirmities Through Electronic MeNovember 2018  
>>6 Ways to Protect Your EyesightNovember 2018  
>>It's Time to Understand DepressionNovember 2018  
>>Review of "Dare to Lead" by Brené BrownNovember 2018  
>>Let's Go Fly a KiteOctober 2018  
>>8 Disaster Tips Plus a DIY First Aid KitOctober 2018  
>>Autumns Nutrient-Rich Seasonal ProduceOctober 2018  
>>Think Your Marriage is Bad?October 2018  
>>Speed It Up!October 2018  
>>Can the News Affect Your Waistline?October 2018  
>>Elvira's Halloween Safety Tips for PetsOctober 2018  
>>Review of "Where the Crawdads Sing" by Delia October 2018  
>>5 Tips to Maintain a Healthy Beautiful MindSeptember 2018  
>>Engage at Every AgeSeptember 2018  
>>Savannah: Stately Old and Proudly NewSeptember 2018  
>>I'm Tired of WaitingSeptember 2018  
>>What Happens if I Get Sued?September 2018  
>>Small Steps: Making Our Healthy Choices CountSeptember 2018  
>>Defend Yourself from HackersSeptember 2018  
>>Good Mental Health - No Different Than Good Physical HeSeptember 2018  
>>Review of "A Terrible Country" by Keith GesseSeptember 2018  
>>The Multi-talented Richard HerdSeptember 2018  
>>CeCe the Therapy ClownAugust 2018  
>>Creative Expression: Good for Your BrainAugust 2018  
>>Bhutan: Happy and Hidden in the HimalayasAugust 2018  
>>Beverly Washburn's Favorite Co-starsAugust 2018  
>>Wildlife Areas & ParksAugust 2018  
>>Casting for a Bigger PictureAugust 2018  
>>The Case of the Unused BathroomAugust 2018  
>>The Great Whole GrainAugust 2018  
>>Living Well with a DisabilityJuly 2018  
>>Create an Accessible LifestyleJuly 2018  
>>Coping with DisabilityJuly 2018  
>>Eating Well After a StrokeJuly 2018  
>>Disabilities, Smelly Fish, Bathrooms, and SnakesJuly 2018  
>>Child in Need of Care CasesJuly 2018  
>>Recovering from RansomwareJuly 2018  
>>Eric Braeden Still King of Daytime DramaJuly 2018  
>>Review of Beartown by Fredrik BackmanJuly 2018  
>>How to be a Texas CowpokeJuly 2018  
>>The Story of Your LifeJune 2018  
>>Pursuing the Dream: The Civil Rights TrailJune 2018  
>>How Many Spam Calls Can a Person Take on Their CellphonJune 2018  
>>Nutrition Information: Fact or FictionJune 2018  
>>Too Late!June 2018  
>>Data Backup ConsiderationsJune 2018  
>>Review of "Tangerine" by Christine ManganJune 2018  
>>Durham Looks Back at The SeekersJune 2018  
>>Festive Fiesta FlavorsJune 2018  
>>Sharing the Joy of Music: Barr Connects Young and Old T...May 2018  
>>A Time Traveling Trip to an Earlier AmericaMay 2018  
>>Don't Fall Victim to These Myths About MedicareMay 2018  
>>7 Genius Home Remedies for Bug BitesMay 2018  
>> Ross Writes 'Happy Days' and More in New MemMay 2018  
>>Review of "Sometimes I Lie" by Alice FeeneyMay 2018  
>>Computer Shopping: Where to Begin?May 2018  
>>Dietary Fiber: Essential for a Healthy DietMay 2018  
>>Death of the Signature?May 2018  
>>Unopened SuccessionsMay 2018  
>>Hoopaholics: Women Play Hard & Make Enduring FriendApril 2018  
>>Senior Olympians Prepared & Ready for BattleApril 2018  
>>Enjoying Juneau: An Alaskan SamplerApril 2018  
>>Increasing Our Wisdom About Food SafetyApril 2018  
>>You Can Run for Governor, But You Can't...April 2018  
>>Slow Computers: When is It Time for a New One?April 2018  
>>Carrying Guns in LouisianaApril 2018  
>>Have You Been Losing the "Joy" In Your Life?April 2018  
>>Review of The Great Alone by Kristin HannahApril 2018  
>>Hayley Mills Puts on Her 'Party Face'April 2018  
>>Yes, Sometimes It's Good to Say "No"April 2018  
>>From Skeptic to Believer: The Story of Shroud Photograp...March 2018  
>>Visiting the Horse Country of KentuckyMarch 2018  
>>Carrying Guns in Your Vehicles March 2018  
>>Internet Not Working? Here's How to Troubleshoot March 2018  
>>Water is Essential to LifeMarch 2018  
>>Use Our Form or Forget ItMarch 2018  
>>Marlyn Mason, More Than an Elvis GirlMarch 2018  
>>13 Gestures That'll Make Him Fall in Love All Over...February 2018  
>>More Than Art: A Cross-Country Trip That Opens Our EyesFebruary 2018  
>>Be Wary of Websites Warning of Computer VirusesFebruary 2018  
>>Calcium & Vitamin D: A Dynamic Duo for Healthy BoneFebruary 2018  
>>The Adventure of the Super Bowl TicketFebruary 2018  
>>Review of "The Dry" by Jane HarperFebruary 2018  
>>40 Years On, Debby Boone Still Lighting Up Our LivesFebruary 2018  
>>Audiobooks: Listen to your Next Great AdventureJanuary 2018  
>>Russia: Cruising the Waterways of the TsarsJanuary 2018  
>>Annuities: The Good and BadJanuary 2018  
>>A Church BetrayalJanuary 2018  
>>Emails. Fake or the Real Deal?January 2018  
>>New Year, New Lifestyle: The Mediterranean DietJanuary 2018  
>>Jay Sandrich Directed Classic SitcomsJanuary 2018  
>>Review of "Prairie Fires"January 2018  
>>Simple Sheet Pan SuppersJanuary 2018  
>>Making Spirits Bright: Extravagantly Decorated WonderlaDecember 2017  
>>Your Electronic Gift GuideDecember 2017  
>>A Christmas Treat in Colonial AmericaDecember 2017  
>>Some People Will Try Anything December 2017  
>>Does Estate Planning Matter? December 2017  
>>Give Your Heart a Break: Ways to Reduce Salt IntakeDecember 2017  
>>Does Your Temper Sometimes Take ControlDecember 2017  
>>The Roller-Coaster Life of Connie Francis December 2017  
>>Review of "Afterlife" by Marcus SakeyDecember 2017  
>>Holiday Entertaining ExcellenceDecember 2017  
>>Veterans: Building Bonds and Supporting One Another November 2017  
>>How Sybil Kelly Became an Army of OneNovember 2017  
>>Let the Good Times RollNovember 2017  
>>New Dating Violence Law Added by Louisiana LegislatureNovember 2017  
>>Don`t Overlook Food- Medication InteractionsNovember 2017  
>>In Their Shoes: Special Museums With a Personal TouchNovember 2017  
>>Valerie Harper Tackles Alzheimer`s in `My Mom and the GNovember 2017  
>>Aliens and Vampires and Werewolves, Oh My!October 2017  
>>The Long Tradition of Navajo PumpkinsOctober 2017  
>>Volunteering as a Way to Reduce Senior StressOctober 2017  
>>Bah! Humbug!October 2017  
>>Check-In Services That Can Help Seniors Stay PutOctober 2017  
>>Monetary Instrument AbuseOctober 2017  
>>Team Good Fat: Winning the Race to a Healthier HeartOctober 2017  
>>L.Q. Jones Reflects on Hollywood JourneyOctober 2017  
>> Turning 90, L.Q. Jones Reflects on Hollywood JourneyOctober 2017  
>>Review of A Haunted History of Louisiana Plantations October 2017  
>>Pass it On! Declutter for a CauseSeptember 2017  
>>5 Effective Tips to Talk with Aging Parents About Getti...September 2017  
>>Do You Feel You Matter?September 2017  
>>Why Should I Have to Pay?September 2017  
>>Finding Help for Seniors Addicted to OpioidsSeptember 2017  
>>Pipeline Easement Considerations for LandownersSeptember 2017  
>>Review of "Every Secret Thing" by Susanna KeaSeptember 2017  
>>Conservation and Preservation at a Colorado RanchSeptember 2017  
>>Barbara Rush and Her Leading MenSeptember 2017  
>>Totally EclipsedAugust 2017  
>>After the EclipseAugust 2017  
>>Science in the Sky August 2017  
>>I Can't Hear My DoctorAugust 2017  
>>Jury Service: Qualifications and ExemptionsAugust 2017  
>>New Medicare Cards Debut Next YearAugust 2017  
>>Facing the Challenge of Mid-Life DatingAugust 2017  
>>A Vegas Visit That's Tres MagnifiqueAugust 2017  
>>Singer Judy Collins Still Vocal on Social IssuesAugust 2017  
>>"Spoonbenders" by Daryl Gregory August 2017  
>>The Ultimate Con Now 60 Years GoneJuly 2017  
>>Food Waste is Money Down the DrainJuly 2017  
>>Take Steps to Minimize Memory LossJuly 2017  
>>Abby Sparklepants Goes to CourtJuly 2017  
>>How to Hire a Home HelperJuly 2017  
>>Be Aware When Using Notary Publics and ParalegalsJuly 2017  
>>The ABCs of America's Happiest Seaside Town: South...July 2017  
>>The Music Never Ends for Broadway Actress Susan WatsonJuly 2017  
>>Review of "Chemistry" by Weike Wang July 2017  
>>The Wineries of East Texas June 2017  
>>6 Scary Health Problems You Avoid by Avoiding Diabetes June 2017  
>>Time to Reduce the Worrying in Your LifeJune 2017  
>>The Richest Dog in the WorldJune 2017  
>>Can I Inherit My Parent's Debt? June 2017  
>>Scams Keep Targeting the ElderlyJune 2017  
>> Make Sure Your Property's Assessed Value is CorreJune 2017  
>>Walking in Anne Frank's FootstepsJune 2017  
>>Malaprop Master: Norm CrosbyJune 2017  
>>Review of "Celine" by Peter Heller June 2017  
>>Tips for Job Seeking SeniorsMay 2017  
>>Think FAST: Can You Recognize a Stroke?May 2017  
>>Considerations for People Looking at RetirementMay 2017  
>>Don't Let Depression Sneak Up On YouMay 2017  
>>HGTV and the LawMay 2017  
>>Working in Retirement Can Affect Your Social Security B...May 2017  
>>DIY Hair Treatments for Frizzy, Dry and Dull HairMay 2017  
>>What Does Retirement Look Like If You Haven't SaveMay 2017  
>>Get World Class Treatment in DenverMay 2017  
>>Marty Allen: Still Making 'Em LaughMay 2017  
>>The Quiet High of a Hot Air Balloon April 2017  
>>Senior OlympicsApril 2017  
>>Don't Become a VictimApril 2017  
>>Retirement Can Sometimes Bring Relationship IssuesApril 2017  
>>Is Possession Really Nine-Tenths of the Law?April 2017  
>>Find Affordable High-Speed Home Internet ServicesApril 2017  
>>5 Supplements That Make You Look Younger Than You AreApril 2017  
>>St. Louis: Spanning Past & Future April 2017  
>>Variety, the Spice of Ed Asner's LifeApril 2017  
>>Review of "Lincoln in the Bardo" by George Sa...April 2017  
>>Review of "Exit West" by Mohsin HamidApril 2017  
>>Review of "The Nix"March 2017  
>>Long Distance GrandparentingMarch 2017  
>>Warning Signs: 5 Scams Aging Parents Fall ForMarch 2017  
>>Make the Most of Your Rewards Program March 2017  
>>Surviving a Broken HeartMarch 2017  
>>What is the Louisiana Second Circuit Court of Appeal?March 2017  
>>Avoiding Salt is Bad For Your Heart March 2017  
>>The Case of the Joint Bank Account March 2017  
>>Alaska - Where Fantasy Becomes Reality March 2017  
>>Fifty Years of the Carol Burnett ShowMarch 2017  
>>Group Exercise: Socialize, Energize & Stay StrongFebruary 2017  
>>Home Sweet Gone - Don't Ignore a Medicaid Estate R...February 2017  
>>Avoid Identity TheftFebruary 2017  
>>Handling Retirement And The Loss Of IdentityFebruary 2017  
>>5 Minute Health HacksFebruary 2017  
>>You Think Your Kids Are Bad!February 2017  
>>South Korea - From Hanboks to Headsets February 2017  
>>M*A*S*H*'s Loretta Swit Paints to Help Animals February 2017  
>>Review of "Named of the Dragon" by Susanna Ke...February 2017  
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>>Hi Grandma and Grandpa!September 2012  
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>>No Cell Phones Turned On in the Courtroom!September 2012  
>>About to Turn 65? Which Way Do You Want Your Medicare C...September 2012  
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>>Getting Your Zzzzs and Weight Gain September 2012  
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>>Get Involved with Area ClubsAugust 2012  
>>I'm Happy, You're Happy, We're HappyAugust 2012  
>>The Countdown Is On: Switch Now to Electronic Federal B...August 2012  
>>Excess Weight Creates Excess Estrogen: That Spells CancAugust 2012  
>>Would You Buy a Car That Had Been in an Accident?August 2012  
>>Property Line DisputesAugust 2012  
>>How to Catch a 'Phish'August 2012  
>>Aqua Ballet Lower Body TonerAugust 2012  
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>>Broadway: A Personal Perspective (August 2012)August 2012  
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>>Olives and Olive Oil: Add Life to Casual PartiesAugust 2012  
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>>Celebrity Health: Any GrantJuly 2012  
>>Sleep Like a Baby- At Any AgeJuly 2012  
>>Filling the Part D Doughnut HoleJuly 2012  
>>Plantar Fasciitis: Healing Painful HeelsJuly 2012  
>>Kids, Marriage, and ReligionJuly 2012  
>>Protective OrdersJuly 2012  
>>Beware of Mystery Shopper ScamsJuly 2012  
>>Swim Down Your Blood PressureJuly 2012  
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>>LDL Cholesterol Isnt Entirely BadJune 2012  
>>Free Cell Phone: Scam or True?June 2012  
>>Domestic Abuse Battery Affects All AgesJune 2012  
>>Avoid Rude Rental Car SurprisesJune 2012  
>>7 Steps to Feeling and Looking YoungerMay 2012  
>>Older...Now What ABout Wiser?May 2012  
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>>AG Warns Seniors to Avoid Telemarketing Fraud (online oMay 2012  
>>Social Security Board of Trustees 2012 Report (online OMay 2012  
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>>Marci's Medicare Answers: Assistance with Dental a...August 2011  
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>>Understanding Credit ScoresAugust 2011  
>>Relieve Sore, Achy Muscles FastAugust 2011  
>>Marketing MedicationsAugust 2011  
>>The Pleasure of Doing Something GoodAugust 2011  
>>Recent DVD Releases: "Limitless" and "Ra...August 2011  
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>>Flax Seed for Breast and Prostate Protection (online onAugust 2011  
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>>Courtroom BasicsJuly 2011  
>>Long-Term Care InsuranceJuly 2011  
>>Shop Like a PharmacistJuly 2011  
>>Long Live! Ask the Expert: Howard S. FreemanJuly 2011  
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>>Staying in ShapeJune 2011  
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>>Early Warning Signs of Problems for EldersJune 2011  
>>Father's Day and a Dad's ResponsibilitesJune 2011  
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>>Blood Pressure Medications are Better Space ApartJune 2011  
>>The Art of BreathingJune 2011  
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>>Exercise Smart: Remember the Tortoise and the HareFebruary 2011  
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>>December 8, 1980: The Day John Lennon Died by Keith E...February 2011  
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>>Understainding MedicareSeptember 2010  
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>>The Case of the Missing CatJune 2010  
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>>Suzy's Safety Checklist for Herbal MedicinesJune 2010  
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>>Caregiving May Be Hardest on MenJune 2010  
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>>Close Encounters of the Amish KindJune 2010  
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>>Weight Loss and Your Health (online only)June 2010  
>>Louisiana Crackdown on Medicaid Fraud Paying Off (onlin...June 2010  
>>Credit Card Reform Goes Live (online only)June 2010  
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>>Los Angeles Times Sunday Crossword PuzzleJune 2010  
>>Crossword SolutionJune 2010  
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>>Sudoku solutionJune 2010  
>>Finding a Nursing HomeMay 2010  
>>I Sue Dead PeopleMay 2010  
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>>Whole Lot a Shakin' Goin' OnMay 2010  
>>From Handmade Mugs to World-Class SculptureMay 2010  
>>101 CareGiving TipsMay 2010  
>>Nutritional Needs After Menopause (online only)May 2010  
>>Where's the Joy? When Maternal Instinct Goes Missi...May 2010  
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>>New Twist on Reverse Mortgages (online only)May 2010  
>>Is That A Text Message from My Bank? (online only)May 2010  
>>Medicare's Hospice Benefit Comforts Patients and t...April 2010  
>>5 Steps to Better Heart HealthApril 2010  
>>Am I Too Old to Raise My Grandchildren?April 2010  
>>Outrageous Car ProblemsApril 2010  
>>Seniors Strive for GoldApril 2010  
>>Volunteer Billy Barefield Names CASA ChampionApril 2010  
>>Visiting Pueblos - Past & PresentApril 2010  
>>Abby Singer's Bistro Scores 4.5 ForksApril 2010  
>>Home Weatherproofing Aid for Low-Income Families (onlin...April 2010  
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>>Do Shoes Really Matter When Beginning an Exercise Progr...April 2010  
>>When am I legally required to give my Social Security n...April 2010  
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>>Homeowner's Insurance WarningMarch 2010  
>>Why Do I Have to Serve on a Jury?March 2010  
>>Councils on Aging get to the Heart of the MatterMarch 2010  
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>>The Skinny On Your Hidden FatMarch 2010  
>>"The Antiques" Provide Great Music & a Lo...March 2010  
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>>Thin or Fat...Fitness = LongevityFebruary 2010  
>>2009 Louisiana Volunteer of the Year, Elaine AdkisonFebruary 2010  
>>Remembering the Pacific WarFebruary 2010  
>>The Power of ChangeJanuary 2010  
>>The New Retirement ParadigmJanuary 2010  
>>Carbon Monoxide: The Silent, Cold Weather Killer (onlin...January 2010  
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