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Message to the readers of The Best of Times magazine
September 11th, 2023

Message to the Readers of The Best of Times magazine!

Birthdays have never bothered me - well, except one. It was in 1983 when I turned 30. That birthday was traumatic! I was married with 2 children, working and driving a minivan. My coworkers even "feted" me with black balloons. In my mind, it was the beginning of the end.

I look back at that birthday now and laugh. Each year has brought wonderful new experiences, meaning, joys and, yes, even sorrows. Each candle on the cake is reason for celebration.

This past May I aged into another decade - I turned 70. It wasn't traumatic or even unsettling. I feel blessed to have achieved this milestone. But I also realize that I can't lie to myself any longer. I'm now "elderly".

How can that be? Elderly is always some vague age sometime in the future. Plus my mental picture of someone "elderly" is far removed from my actual state. And yet here I am. But I'm healthy and very active and I still revel in the same things that I loved in my younger days - spending time with friends and family, amusement parks (especially roller coasters and virtual reality rides), my work and travel. 70 truly is the new 60!

Like many of you, I'm still working. Not because I have to, but because it is a source of joy, pride and fulfillment. I feel that this magazine and what I do make a difference.

But now that I'm 70, isn't it time to retire? I find myself increasingly drawn to spending more time playing with my grandchildren, engaging in more community service, playing Bridge and Pickleball, and going on extended trips. So I found myself facing a decision. Should I publish our last issue, retire and pursue those interests full time or continue to contribute to our area's 50+ community?

And then I realized - I could have the best of both worlds. So with this issue, The Best of Timeswill be published bimonthly, beginning with the September/October issue. Gary will continue to offer The Best of Times Radio Hour and senior expos, and we'll continue to publish Silver Pages, but we'll only publish 6 issues a year.

But what do I do with all the other fabulous articles that I have coming in each month that just won't fit? Beginning this month, check our website TheBestOfTimesNews.com often. Click on "View Online Articles" or subscribe to our E-newsletter at http://tiny.cc/TBTnewsletter to find a host of valuable articles and information.

So turning 70 feels good. I'm blessed and plan to make each and every day "the best of times"!

Tina Calligas, Editor


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