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>>Making Spirits Bright: Extravagantly Decorated WonderlaDecember 2017  
>>Your Electronic Gift GuideDecember 2017  
>>A Christmas Treat in Colonial AmericaDecember 2017  
>>Some People Will Try Anything December 2017  
>>Does Estate Planning Matter? December 2017  
>>Give Your Heart a Break: Ways to Reduce Salt IntakeDecember 2017  
>>Does Your Temper Sometimes Take ControlDecember 2017  
>>The Roller-Coaster Life of Connie Francis December 2017  
>>Review of "Afterlife" by Marcus SakeyDecember 2017  
>>Holiday Entertaining ExcellenceDecember 2017  
>>Veterans: Building Bonds and Supporting One Another November 2017  
>>How Sybil Kelly Became an Army of OneNovember 2017  
>>Let the Good Times RollNovember 2017  
>>New Dating Violence Law Added by Louisiana LegislatureNovember 2017  
>>Don`t Overlook Food- Medication InteractionsNovember 2017  
>>In Their Shoes: Special Museums With a Personal TouchNovember 2017  
>>Valerie Harper Tackles Alzheimer`s in `My Mom and the GNovember 2017  
>>Aliens and Vampires and Werewolves, Oh My!October 2017  
>>The Long Tradition of Navajo PumpkinsOctober 2017  
>>Volunteering as a Way to Reduce Senior StressOctober 2017  
>>Bah! Humbug!October 2017  
>>Check-In Services That Can Help Seniors Stay PutOctober 2017  
>>Monetary Instrument AbuseOctober 2017  
>>Team Good Fat: Winning the Race to a Healthier HeartOctober 2017  
>>L.Q. Jones Reflects on Hollywood JourneyOctober 2017  
>> Turning 90, L.Q. Jones Reflects on Hollywood JourneyOctober 2017  
>>Review of A Haunted History of Louisiana Plantations October 2017  
>>Pass it On! Declutter for a CauseSeptember 2017  
>>5 Effective Tips to Talk with Aging Parents About Getti...September 2017  
>>Do You Feel You Matter?September 2017  
>>Why Should I Have to Pay?September 2017  
>>Finding Help for Seniors Addicted to OpioidsSeptember 2017  
>>Pipeline Easement Considerations for LandownersSeptember 2017  
>>Review of "Every Secret Thing" by Susanna KeaSeptember 2017  
>>Conservation and Preservation at a Colorado RanchSeptember 2017  
>>Barbara Rush and Her Leading MenSeptember 2017  
>>Totally EclipsedAugust 2017  
>>After the EclipseAugust 2017  
>>Science in the Sky August 2017  
>>I Can't Hear My DoctorAugust 2017  
>>Jury Service: Qualifications and ExemptionsAugust 2017  
>>New Medicare Cards Debut Next YearAugust 2017  
>>Facing the Challenge of Mid-Life DatingAugust 2017  
>>A Vegas Visit That's Tres MagnifiqueAugust 2017  
>>Singer Judy Collins Still Vocal on Social IssuesAugust 2017  
>>"Spoonbenders" by Daryl Gregory August 2017  
>>The Ultimate Con Now 60 Years GoneJuly 2017  
>>Food Waste is Money Down the DrainJuly 2017  
>>Take Steps to Minimize Memory LossJuly 2017  
>>Abby Sparklepants Goes to CourtJuly 2017  
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